F51 Little Juke E53 Tweedluxe E58 Smokin' Tweed

All the mojo... half the dough.

I guess you can tell that all of us here at Chickenhead are kind of into vintage amps. We’re actually pretty vintage ourselves and have good memories of playing through these amps the first time around. At least, we think we remember. The Sixties were… ah… a lot of fun.

Of course, the originals that we used to get in pawn shops for next to nothing are now worth about as much as a small house and even the reissues cost more than a brand new Ford Mustang did back in 1964. Well excuse me, but that’s crazy! So we’re making them ourselves. We want you to be able to experience the joys of organic distortion and natural tube compression the way the founding fathers meant it to be… only for some kind of reasonable price tag. You will find our amps look right, but much more importantly, they sound right. That’s why we say they have “All the Mojo for half the dough.”